Freckle Rug 140cm



The Original Down To The Woods Freckle Rug will always be a favourite for the home. Each rug is carefully handmade exclusively for Down To The Woods in Nepal, meaning no two are exactly the same. Made from 100% Pure New Zealand Wool and oh so lovely to look at, but even more lovely is the feel of them underfoot. We think this rug is a great highlight in any big or little person's room.

Two sizes available:

- Large 140cm

- Medium 100cm 

Caring for your Freckle Rug!

One of the fantastic things about this rug is that you can turn it over; whilst there is a presentation side, by flipping to the underside (With black ties) you can keep your rug looking lovelier for longer. You can Scotchgard for extra protection but for an everyday clean a quick shake and a vac will do. For a deeper clean we recommend professional steam cleaning and like most oriental rugs, your rug is not 100% colourfast; this is why professional cleaning is recommended. when steam cleaned also ensure it is cleaned on a hard non-porous surface. Instruct the professional cleaner to use low water pressure and that they can clean both sides. Once cleaned drape in a well ventilated position for 24-48 hours to aid drying.

Ensure you sit on your rug and daydream often, stretch out and have a nap, bounce up and down and make your feet sing.